dramatis personae

Jim Fisher is a writer and amateur historian specializing in the Pacific Northwest from 1629 to present.1 A native Oregonian, Jim researched and developed the Shanghaied in Portland tour based in one the more fascinating periods of local history.

  1. 1629 is the year a noted English explorer2. mentioned a “vile stynking fogge” (sic) while sailing somewhere off the left coast of North America. That has to be Oregon.
  2. Sir Francis Drake or someone like that.

Dave Paull, another native Oregonian, is a guide and re-enactor for SinCityPortland walking tours.1.  Dave brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as a native ‘Portlandian’ with a long professional background in radio broadcasting. He is a journalist with performing arts tendencies, having acted in plays for several community theaters in Portland. Dave helps keep Portland weird. Not as weird as Jim, but suitably weird nonetheless.

  1. Dave is responsible for hosing Jim down with cold salt water every fortnight or so simply to keep his character salty.