Group tours:

For a Private Group Tour paying an 18% commission to registered travel agents and tour companies.

Shanghaied in Portland – a little bit of a walking tour. Tour starts at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland then travels to Old Town, the site of our original downtown. Your customers will visit and see Portland’s original public art, the remarkable New Market Theater, the permanent location of our world-famous Saturday Market, the Bright Center of the City in 1895 ending at our equally famous Voodoo Donuts. All while hearing the appalling stories of Shanghaiers Bridget Grant, “Citizen” Jim Turk and family, and the most successful Shanghaier of all time, Lawrence Makala Sullivan.

1.5 to 2.0 hours, walking about six blocks, wheelchair accessible. Includes ticket for Trimet transportation to and from tour location. Rate: I don’t know. What sounds fare to you?

A Quick Walk Around Portland — from our Living Room to the World’s Smallest Park – a two-hour walking tour exploration of Downtown Portland starting and ending at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Includes our absolutely weird Mill Ends Park (The World’s Smallest) with a chance of meeting Patrick O’Toole, the opinionated head Leprichaun of the park. No tour of Portland is complete without a visit to the world-famous “Expose Yourself to Art” statue (with an opportunity to expose yourself to art. Clothing optional.)

Other highlights include The Fort Sumpter Mortars (in Portland??), The Oregon Historical Society Trompe L’Oile mural,

1.5 to 2.0 hours, walking about 15 blocks, wheelchair accessible. RATE: Make us an offer we can’t refuse.

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